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How to Count Sbobet Mix Parlay Winning

Judi Bola – Betting on the Mixparlay sbobet gambling does give a terrifying impression. How not, you are required to choose at least 3 teams in one bet bill. If there is 1 match to lose, our bill will automatically be forfeited. But this game is proportional to the value of the profit prizes that are many times over, making mix parlay one of the most popular types of soccer gambling bets.

On this occasion the admin will provide a tutorial on how to calculate the losing mix parlay by half. As we know that soccer gambling is losing half, winning half and drawing. So that you don’t feel disadvantaged, it’s good to know the basics in calculating this sbobet mixparlay.

How to Count Sbobet Mix Parlay Winning

The standard calculation for the sbobet mixparlay is (Odds 1 x Odds 2 x Odds 3 etc.) x stake. For example, the admin will illustrate the match in the mix parlay below.

1. West Ham hdp / voor 0.25 with odds value 2.01
2. Wolverpampton hdp / voor 0.50 with odds value of 3.00
3. Norwich vs Borunemouth take under 2.50 at odds value of 1.85

Like the example above, if we install 500 thousand then the winnings are (2.01 x 3.00 x 1.85) x 500 thousand = 5577. Then what if someone loses half? We take an example like the one above but match west ends in a draw so the calculations are as follows:

1. (Half Win) West Ham hdp / voor 0.25 with odds value 2.01 => (2.01 + 1): 2 = 1.50
2. (win) wolverpahmton hdp / voor 0.50 with odds value 3.00
3. (win) Norwich vs bornemouth take under 2.50 with odds value of 1.85

So for the multiplication of the team that wins half calculated by adding one and then dividing it by 2, the mix parlay payment is sbobet = (1.50 x 3.00 x 1.85) x 500 = 4.162.

That’s the result of the sbobet mix parlay payment if you win half. The calculation is quite easy, right? Now for the calculation of losing half or drawing, the admin will explain in the next article. So that you are safe playing mix parkay, the admin recommends looking for Indonesian sbobet agent sites that provide cashback for installing mix parlay.

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With the help of this cashback, if the thing you don’t want is to lose in just one match, you will get up to 100% of the value of the bet placed. The cashback mix parlay requirement itself is provided by the sbobet Indonesia agent to provide a solution for sbobet mixparlay gambling lovers who experience defeat in only one team.