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Win More with Less Bet

The Sicbo game is an online gambling that uses 3 dice which is usually the playing tool. Where at this time it is the most popular choice of gambling games on Live Casino for gamblers, because indeed the way to play is very interesting and includes easy to win.

Because it is a fairly cool and profitable game, but you as a player should not underestimate this online Sicbo gambling. Without realizing it, the game has a very high potential to make new players feel difficult because of the many numbers that will appear in each game.

Even players who have often played Sicbo not only need high attention in guessing the numbers that will come out, but also have the right strategy to take advantage of all the opportunities that exist. One of them is to take advantage of the possible exit numbers that can be a mainstay in placing bets later, namely by paying attention to the six numbers which have a higher chance of winning to come out.

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As previously explained, this online Sicbo gambling uses 3 dice as a playing tool. If you pay attention to the 3 dice that are used, the chances of guessing the number correctly will be higher because the percentage of making mistakes when guessing numbers is 1/3 error in 2/3 correct.

With a high percentage of up to 66% of guessing correctly, it is not impossible to win continuously in guessing the numbers that come out. But it must be remembered that when you are in 1/3 then defeat cannot be avoided.

If you calculate mathematically from the 6 dice numbers and 3 dice that are used, then there are 18 numbers that you have to guess with a combination of up to 108 number combinations that are from 3 dice. And with a chance to guess once, the probability of winning becomes 0.8%, but with 3 dice used and the percentage chance of guessing that number correctly is 66%, the chance of winning will be 74%.

It is quite big, but it must be remembered that playing sicbo is not only guessing the combination of numbers but also like guessing the numbers on one dice or also the number of dice numbers that come out between big or small. With other betting options, the Sicbo online gambling game has a very high and profitable chance of winning.

But with existing calculations to find out the percentage of the chance to win playing Sicbo, it’s not complete if you don’t know the Tricks to Win Online Sicbo Games, which can help you increase your chances of winning.

Here are the details:

1. Choose a Trusted Online Casino Gambling Site

The first thing that is highly recommended before you want to play sicbo online gambling is to choose the correct and trusted online casino gambling site. Regardless of whether you are an old player or want to become a new member, it is highly recommended to look for a trusted online gambling site.
Because this cannot be underestimated, where if you have become a member of a trusted online casino gambling site, you are guaranteed to receive a lot of benefits with promos and bonuses that you shouldn’t miss. Plus, safety and comfort when playing are the main factors in finding the best online casino gambling site.

2. Increase Stakes When Winning

If you have registered on a trusted online casino gambling site and have played sicbo, then the second trick you can possibly do is to increase the number of bets placed while in a winning position. Because when else can you take advantage of the luck you are enjoying if not while increasing your winning results.
So even if you are in a losing position, you can still save the victories that you got during the previous game without feeling big losses.

3. Play less bet if you have lost a lot

Unlike the previous discussion, if you are constantly losing because you are wrong in guessing the numbers, it is highly recommended to reduce the amount of play you are doing. It’s a loss if you force your own capital by continuing to place bets but with minus results.
Therefore it is highly recommended to at least reduce placing bets on sicbo online or just stop for a moment until you have the confidence to play again.

4. Do not attempt the triple bet

The bet type with the longest or largest possible bet is the triple bet, where you have to guess the number that is in each time the dice is rolled. With the odds of winning that sound very absurd, namely 180 to 1, it’s no wonder that being able to win at this bet is a very big and extraordinary thing.