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Guide to Playing Domino QQ Online Gambling

Who is not familiar with Domino QQ which is one of the online gambling games that is very popular among the public, which of course always attracts new enthusiasts to try it because of its easy and profitable way of playing.

Domino QQ uses 1 pack of domino cards as a playing tool and usually there are 2 to 6 players at one table and 1 dealer who is in charge of distributing cards. Of course, you have already tried the online gambling game on selected gambling sites.

However, with the increasing number of people who want to try the game, many potential gamblers want to try playing Domino QQ without finding out the right information such as how to play and the rules. And from that, new players sometimes find it very difficult to win because they don’t understand the online gambling game.

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That’s why for those who are new to online gambling to find out in advance how to play and the rules to make it easier for you to adapt and also get victory. Who doesn’t want to be able to produce victories in playing domino qq, especially if you don’t know how to play.

Therefore, we will provide some explanations about the Domino QQ Online Gambling Guide that can help you get to know how to play and can increase your success in winning.

Here’s the review:

1. What is Domino QQ

As discussed in the previous paragraph, the Domino QQ game is one of the online gambling games that uses 1 domino deck as a playing tool. Where on one table can be filled from 2 to 6 people and 1 dealer, here the player does not fight the dealer to win but against other players at the same table.

2. How to play

In the Domino QQ game the player will get 4 cards to play, but at the beginning of the game the Dealer will only distribute 3 cards first and the player can choose to continue the game by placing a bet or not to continue by returning the card to the Dealer.
Then the Dealer will distribute one last card to each player who is still participating in the game, so that each will hold as many as 4 cards.

3. Counting Cards

In the Domino QQ game the player must count all the number of cards held so that they get the biggest number, which is 9. The player must add up the red dots / dots on the card to find a value of 9 to produce a win. And how to count it is by using 2 cards each of the 4 cards given to add up, so that at the end of the match the player will hold 2 numbers.
If the sum results in a 2 digit number such as 5 + 5, which results in 10, then only the number 0 will be used.

4. Determine the Winner

As already explained, if in the Domino QQ Online Gambling game there is no Bandar that must be defeated by the player, so each player must be able to get the best results to win. And the player who wins is determined from the card that is held, if it has a large value like 9.7 or 9.8, it will usually be the winner.